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Dear Sir:

Thanks for your attention to our letter.

We are a professional auto and motocycle parts supplier in China. As the agent
of many leading auto parts manufacturers.Our factories are the top auto parts
manufacturers in china,have rich experience and advanced technique in production.

Our goods include different parts of auto,for example, rim,wheel,HID lamp,tip,
muffler, exhaust system, brake disc, brake pad, brake drum,auto battery,and
so on.

Now we are offering you the details of auto accessories as follows:

Auto/motocycle Rim/Wheel
Size: 13*4.5 13*5 1.6X17 36H
Central Bolt: Ф68 Ф54
PCD: 4-100 4-100
ET: 0 +46
Windown: △

Lamp Series(LED lamp,HID lamp):
Hyundai(2005/2003 Tucson) Head lamp 4PCS/4.2KG/5KG
Hyundai(2005 Tucson) Trail lamp 10PCS/8KG/9KG
Hyundai(2005 Tucson) Fog lamp 20PCS/4KG/4.5KG
Hyundai(2005 Tucson) Door Mirror 10PCS/8KG/9KG

Auto Tip Auto Muffler
Inlet Diameter:2-1/2″ Inlet Diameter:2-1/2″
Outlet Diameter:4-1/2″ Outlet Diameter:5″
Length:8″ End To End:20″
Tank Length:13-1/8″
Inlet Length:2-1/2″
Outlet Length:7-3/8″

Exhaust System Parts:
pecializes in the production of auto exhaust collector pipes, and the processing of
mufflers, exhaust pipes, and other products of exhaust system. The stainless steel
exhaust system has the advantage of increasing power, resisting corrosion, attractive
appearance, prolonging the life of engine and being friendly to the environment.

Auto/Motocycle Horn:
Specification(mm): Ф65 Ф65

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