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Pakistan Ostrich Company is an ostrich farming and breeding company. After ten years of experiments and studying the ostrich farming now we are capable to offer commercial farming in Pakistan. At the moment the company is importing ostrich chicks from Europe, New Zealand and Australia, Belgium, and managing both breeding and farming. Being an ostrich breeding, hatching and growing facility Pakistan Ostrich Company imports, produces, distributes, maintains and supply quality ostrich and ostrich related products setting and maintaining a high satisfaction level of customers. Pakistan Ostrich Company is offering services in terms of technical assistance, consultancy, medication and safe investment in Ostrich Farming. Pakistan Ostrich Company has started its full fledged operation from Karachi in 2008 with the backing and support of the highly experienced professionals. Initially three farms has been started in Karachi .In 2009-2010 company aims to establish a sustainable ostrich market


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