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Dear sirs, We are a highly registered technology enterprise in Zhongguancun technology park of highly technology by professors and scholars of fields of feed and biology of CAAS(Chinese Academy of the Agricultural Science) in china. We are the professional manufacturer of phytase in China, as well as the market leader of the phytase. Phytase, a class of the enzyme utilized for the pig and chicken, duck and so on, aid to digest the match that is enclosed in the indigestible form of phytase. It improves the nutritious value of feed and reduces the contamination. It was offered ISO9001 and certificates of HACCP. We provide phytase with excellent stability, the good resistance of the heat and the high biological efficiency, and we benefit the protection and the environmental Phytase 2500U/5000U/10000U/20000U/40000U of covers of the line of feed cost keeping. ours, the granular, coated granular and liquid, can be facts to find the customs' the requirements. Our products have bee

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