Yuzhou Silver Star Abrasives Co., Ltd. - Yuzhou, China


Silver Star Abrasive Co., Ltd. specialize in producing abrasives grain for coated abrasives, bonded abrasive and other purpose, at present, which is the biggest manufacturer of brown fused alumina micropowder, calcined brown fused alumina and iridium-coated abrasive. The company is established in 1988, now there are 550 employees, have 38 technicians among them. It subordinate six companies and a institute, namely Yuzhou Silver Star Abrasives Co., Ltd, Yuzhou Silver Star Special Purpose Abrasives Co., Ltd, Xuchang Silver Star Nanometer Technology Co., Ltd, Xinyang Silver Star abrasives Co., Ltd, Shandong Weifang Riken Silver Star Abrasives Co., Ltd, Guiyang Silver Star Abrasives Co., Ltd, National Abrasives Institute. In 2001, the company passed ISO9000, and have abrasives laboratory with State Commodity Inspection Bureau certified. At present, the company yearly manufactur 40000 tons of abrasives, of which brown fused alumia micropowder is 10000 tons, calcined brown fused alumina is 7000 tons, brown fused alumina conventional abrasives is 7000 tons, iridium-coated abrasives is 3000 tons, black silicon carbide is 3000 tons. The company depands on advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, continuously improve quality management system, can ensure products with advanced, stability and special.
In 18 years from the company foundation, under the concern, support and help of all circles, the company develop rapidly, has won high reputation, "Silver Star" brand has deeply rooted in the world. We will forever follow the principle of People First, Technical Innovation, Mutual Development, corporately build a bright future together.

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