We LINKSUCCESS INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LTD. is a supplier of the welding materials. We have our own joint factory in TIANJIN. Our product range covers the following: 1, Welding electrodes of carbon steel such as E6013, E7018, Cellulose welding electrodes such as E6010, E6011, cast iron: ECNi-1, Stainless steel such as E308, E309, 2, Solid welding welding wire: ER70S-6, ER70S-3 also tig rod. 3, Flux cored welding wire: E71T-1C, E70C-6M 4, Argon arc welding wire of stainless steel: ER308L, ER309L, also TIG rod. 5, Submerged arc welding wire: EL8, EM12, and the flux. 6, Non-ferrous welding rods and wire: ERCuSi-A, ERCuRB-Zn, ER4043, ER5356 and so on. 7, Tungsten rod: WT20, 8, Gouging rod , and welding gloves and so on. We also have our trading department supplying other hardware items to mix with the welding materials for saving the customer's shipment cost. So for our company's more details you can visit our website:WWW.LINKINTERNATIONALGROUP.COM

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