Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences FZ-LLC - Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences became one of the corporate client entities of DuBiotech in November 2005. Its vision is to promote the health of the people of the United Arab Emirates and the region through the introduction of biotechnological products and systems, and through research into the diseases relevant to this region, especially Genetic Disorders, Obesity, Diabetes and Heart diseases.

The company brings over 50 years of combined healthcare experience through its directors. The board of Directors is headed by Dr. F. M. Badiuddin, MBBS, FRCS, a surgeon with an active practise in Laparoscopic and Bariatic Surgery. Dr. Justine Badiuddin is a practising Gynaecologist. Mr. Junaid Faruq, Director Marketing, is a graduate in Biotechnology from the Dublin City University, Dublin Ireland. Dr. Sanjida Ahmed, Research Director, is a Ph.D in Cell Biology from Yokohama City University, Japan. We are currently operating through an office out of the Dubai Media City.

In the early days of its operation in Dubai Eastern Biotech is involved in the following activities;

A. Exploration of the Global biotechnological horizon to identify products and services which are most relevant to this region. We are actively researching the market to assess and identify various genetic tests that are available and we are negotiating with the companies around the world who have developed these tests to find the best possible way of offering them to the local healthcare providers.

B. Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences is also promoting a project in UAE to establish and operate a Centre of Excellence for the management of obesity. Obesity is a “disease” which affects more than 30% of the local population of this region. In partnership with CERT the company aims to further expand its offering in education and training to have an even greater positive impact on the UAE society and to ensure a regional and global growth cycle.

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