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Shuguang Electric has been specializing in the manufacture of Epoxy molded Insulators for electrical equipments of extra high voltages in China.

Our delivery program is classified under following three divisions.
1. Epoxy molded Insulation tube used in indoor vacuum circuit breaker, Wall bushing,Contact Box, DXN indicator ,Insulators for Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS),KYN28A High Voltage Switchgear, FN12-12(D) load switch from 12KV up to 35KV
2. Epoxy molded CTs, VTs and Bushings from 6KV up to 36KV
3. Epoxy Insulators for 12kV Ring Main Unit (RMU)
4.ZW32-12 and ZW20-12 Type Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker(VCB)

As shown in the followings, we are better placed in terms of its experiences and capabilities to fully satisfy the requirements of customers with quality, delivery and price of our products and services.

For more informations, please refer to our website www.shuguang.net.cn or e-mail me. We would be glad to talk in details through MSN:bob.alibaba@hotmail.com / mails or any way you like.

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