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Place of Origin : Wuhan,China
Post Date : 04-01-2020
Expiry Date : 04-01-2021

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We Are The Manufacturer Of Cinnamic Acid, Cinnamaldehyde, Cinnamic Alcohol, Methyl Cinnamate, Ethyl Cinnamate. Welcome To Contact Us For More Information. Jared.landmarkind At Gmail Dot Com. Thank You!

English Name : Cinnamaldehyde
Other Names: 3-phenyl-2-propena; 3-Phenyl-2-propenaldehyde; 3-phenyl-acrolei; 3-Phenylacrolein; 3-Phenylacrylaldehyde; Abion CA; Abionca; Acrolein, 3-phenyl-
CAS No.: 104-55-2
Molecular Formula: C9H8O
Molecular Weight: 132.16
Molar Mass: 132.16g/mol
Melting Point: -9--4 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point: 250-252 °C(lit.)
Flash Point: 160 °F
Refractive Index:n20/D 1.622(lit.)
Properties : Yellow Liquid With An Odour Of Cinnamon; Combustible, Yellowish, Oily Liquid (thickens On Exposure To Air). Strong Pungent, Spicy, Cinnamon Odor.
Purity : 99%
Packaging : 500g;1kg;5kg,10kg,25kg,50kg
Storage Method: Warehouse Low Temperature, Ventilation, Dry; Fire Prevention; Keep Separate From Oxidants And Food Ingredients.

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Wuhan LANDMARK Industrial Co., Ltd.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : Hongtu avenue
 : +8618062520849

 : Jared Li
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