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Armor Plate - Product

Place of Origin : Shanghai,China

Product Description

Amor plate for vehicle , boat or airplane:Composition of PE/Aramid + Alumina ceramic, PE/Aramid + SSiC, PE/Aramid + B4C. Protect level meet NIJ 4 Standard-0101.06, ICW 3A armor vest or Stand Alone, B7, Gost 6A, or other special armor protect request, such as ammunition of Cal. 12.7mm, and so on.
Flat plate or Single curve ,
Size:250x300 or other custom sizes.
The NIJ Level 4 plate could be as light as 2.0kgs, can support multi-shot.

Basic Information

Brand : Vital
Material : Ceramic With PE/Ceramic

Company Inforamtion
Shanghai Vital Ceramic Industry Co.,Ltd.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : Rm.F, 7th Fl.,Aibang Mansion, No.585 lingling Rd., Shanghai, 200030
 : 86-021-64825126-803

 : Joanna
 : 86-021-64825126-803
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