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S24 Single Arm Resin Sand Mixer Equipment Mixing Machine For Foundry Casting - Product





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Product Description

Resin sand mixer is a continuous operation of the resin sand sand mixing machine, Mixing outputs range from 3T per hour to 100T per hour, ideal for smaller foundries and catering for a number of individual customer requirements.

Resin sand sand mixer can be divided into: single arm resin sand mixer and double arms resin sand mixer .

The single arm resin sand mixer agglomerant system adopt electric variable diaphragm pump,light weight,compact size,the flow is stable and reliable.

Basic Information

Brand : Hezhi
Model : S24,S25
Material : Iron
Expiry/Validation Period : 10days

Physical Specification

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The S24 Series Single Arm Resin Sand Mixer Is Mainly Used In Mixing The Resin No-brake Sand And Sodium Silicate Sand.

Resin Sand Mixer Applies To Single Piece Small Batch Manual Molding ,also Can Be Configured To Core Shooter And Mould & Core Making Production Line.
Features Of Single Arm Resin Sand Mixer:Short Mixing Time,no Head &tail Sand, Wide-open Cage, Easy To Clean Up The Wal Of Sand , Adjustable Leaf, Facilitate To Operate And Maintenance.

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