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Green sand wheel type mixer for foundry clay sand casting production - Product




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Delivery Time : 15days
Product Capacity : 1-30t
Payment Terms : T/T

Product Description

wheel rolling type foundry sand mixer adopts grinding wheel spring pressure technology. Inside and outside scrapers rolled up sand by stirring it and rotating grinding wheel.
Also known as sand roller mill;materials between roller wheel and roller table get grinded and abraded by the relative movement; at the same time, materials get mixed in the sand mixer.
S11 green sand mixer muller is economic sand mixing machine for green sand. Two wheels crush and mix foundry sands, clay, coal power

Basic Information

Brand : Hezhi
Model : S11,s13,s14
Material : Iron
Expiry/Validation Period : 10days

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 
Foundry Green Sand Mixer Machine Is Mainly Used For Large And Medium-sized Foundry Sand Mixed System, Mold Can Be Mixed Dry Sand,since The Hard Sand, Sand And Core Sand Surface Can Also Be Used For Glass, Ceramics , Refractories And Other Industries A Variety Of Mixed Powder Granular Materials.

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