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Bending galvanized sheet metal is a process in which a metal sheet is passed through a pressure device and a special mold to transform a flat sheet into a three-dimensional process called bending.

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Bending Galvanized Sheet Metal is A Process In Which A Metal Sheet Is Passed Through A Pressure Device And A Special Mold To Transform A Flat Sheet Into A Three-dimensional Process Called Bending.


Due To The Different Materials, Thicknesses, Lengths, And Widths Of The Plates And The Different Shapes And Angles To Be Formed, There Are Bending Machines With Different Tonnage And Size Pressure Equipment, With Upper And Lower Molds Of Different Heights, Shapes And V Sizes. Special Molds With Special Shapes, Such As U Bend Sheet Metal And Z Bending Sheet Metal. We Have The  AIGENI Bending Machine And HRIGEI Bending Machine. Bending Is A Cold Working Process. Under The Pressure Of The Upper Or Lower Die Of The Bending Machine, The Metal Sheet Is First Elastically Deformed And Then Enters Plastic Deformation. At The Beginning Of Plastic Bending, The Sheet Is Free To Bend. The Mold Or The Lower Mold Presses The Sheet Material, And The Inner Surface Of The Sheet And The Lower Mold V-groove Gradually Closes, And The Radius Of Curvature And The Bending Arm Are Gradually Reduced, And The Pressing Is Continued Until The Stroke Ends, So That The Upper And Lower Molds And The Sheet Metal Are Three. The Point Is Close To Full Contact, And A V-bend Is Completed At This Time, Which Is Commonly Known As A Bend. Our Tolerances Are Less Than 5.0 For Sheets Of ±0.1 And 5.0 Or More For ±0.3.


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