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Stainless Bag-type Accumulator - Product

Place of Origin : Shenyang,China

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Stainless Bag-type Accumulator

The main technicl parameters of the stainless steel bag-thpe Accumulator

1 nominal pressute:10-20Mpa

2 use temperture:-10°C-70°C

3 connecting type : screw and flange connection

4 shell pipe implementation standar : GB2270 (stainless steel seamless pipe)

5 the material is austenitic stainless steel , characteristic of high plasticity and ductility.

6 Applicable range: good proprety of resisting the corrosion of hcl, h2so4 hno3, organic acid , inorganic acid a

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 

Stainless Bag-type Accumulator

The Main Technicl Parameters Of The Stainless Steel Bag-thpe Accumulator

1 Nominal Pressute:10-20Mpa

2 Use Temperture:-10°C-70°C

3 Connecting Type : Screw And Flange Connection

4 Shell Pipe Implementation Standar : GB2270 (stainless Steel Seamless Pipe)

5 The Material Is Austenitic Stainless Steel , Characteristic Of High Plasticity And Ductility.

6 Applicable Range: Good Proprety Of Resisting The Corrosion Of Hcl, H2so4 Hno3, Organic Acid , Inorganic Acid And The Solution Of The Salts And The Alkaline.

7 Specifications (L):0.4?0.63?1.0?1.6?2.5?4.0?6.3?10?16?25?40?40(up)?63?80?100.

The Dimensions Are The Same As The NXQ Capsule Type Accumulator

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