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Place of Origin : Zhangzhou,China
Delivery Terms : ON REQUEST
Delivery Time : More Than One Month
Product Capacity : 0-3000TPD
Payment Terms : T/T T/C WEST UNION

Product Description

oil presser oil pressing machine
2.vacuum oil filter
3.efficient oil producer

Basic Information

Brand : Yongle
Model : Oil Press Line
Material : Vegetable Seed/plant
Color : Customizable

Physical Specification

Other Specification :  1. Introduction Of Oil Presser Cold Oil Press Machine Refers To The Process Of Machanically Separating Oil While Crushing And Pressing The Oil Seeds Using Only The Application Of Pressure. There Is No Addition Of Heat And Other Chemicals During The Process Operation. Our Cold Oil Press Is Best Suitable For Expelling Oil From Different Oil Seeds Such As White Sesame Seed, Black Sesame Seed, Almond, Peanut, Coconut Etc. The Percentage Oil Extraction In Cold Press Machine Is Slightly Low As Compared To The Mechanical Oil Expellers. But The Advantage Of This Machine Is That The Cold Press Machine Gives Purified Oil With Better Aroma And Fragrance. By Using A Cold Oil Press Machine, The Natural Structure Of The Oil Is Maintained Along With All Its Natural Characteristics, We Manufacture Various Capacity Cold Press Machines Having Different Designs And Unique Characteristics. 2. Main Parts Of Oil Presser (1)Solvent Pumps: Continuously Spray Solvent To The Rotary-type Extractor (2)Rotary Extractor: Spray And Soak The Pre-pressed Cake With Solvent So That Oil Fats Can Be Dissolved In Solvent(form Miscella). After Processing, You Can Get Wet Meal And Miscella (mixed Oil). (3)DTDC: Usd To Separate The Solvent From The Wet Meal. (4) Miscella Tank 1st: Pump The Miscella (oil With Solvent) In To The Miscella 1st , And Then Add 10% Saline Water To It. The Phospholipid And Impurities In The Miscella Will React With The Saline Wter, At Last The Reactant Precipitate, Reaching The Goal Of Purifying. (5) Miscella Tank 2nd: The Purified Miscella Will Be Pumped Into It. (6) Miscella Stripping: It Will Remove The Remaining Solvent In Miscella. And The Solvent Will Be Discharged To Condenser For Recycling. (7) Condensers: Used To Cooling The Solvent Gas Separated From The Wet Meal And Miscella For Recycling.

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