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Air Motor - Product

Place of Origin : Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Product Description

Simple design and reliability
Low maintenance
Safety in explosive atmospheres
Safety in operation even in a moist atmospheres or at extreme temperatures
Infinitely variable speed and torque
Over load capacity up to stalling point without any damage to the motor.
Starting torque higher than operating torque.
Reversal of direction of motor by remote control
Long working life due to hardened and ground rotors
Modular design ease of maintenance.
Mounting options
Foot Mounted
Flange Mounted

Basic Information

Brand : Ahnam Rinha Group

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Vane Type Air Motors Are Suitable For Application Ranging From Air Motors Operating On Pumps In Oil Refineries, Air Motor For Driving Conveyors Or Where Application Demand Continuous Trouble Free Operation. Salient Features Simple In Design Explosion Proof Minimum Maintenance Compact And Portable High Power To Weight Ratio Mounting Options Foot Mounted Flange Mounted Modifications Undertaken As Per Customer's Requirement These Motors Find Wide Applications In: Agitators For Pharmaceutical Food, Chemical And Paint Industries Drives For Soap Cutting Machines Conveyor Drives Drives For Fluid Handling Pumps In Explosive And Hazardous Areas Creating Sheer Power From The Natural Environment, Air Motors Are Flexible, Efficient Alternatives To Electric Sources. With Infinitely Variable Speeds And Torques, Our Motors Are Perfect For A Wide Range Of Industrial Applications From 0.10 To 30 Horsepower, 23-26,000 Rpm Speed Ratings And 0.10-1,090 Ft-lb Torque Ratings. And They Also Will Not Overheat Or Burnout, Making Them Safe For Operating In Hazardous Conditions. Will Not Burn Out: Air Motors Can Be Stalled Or Overloaded For Long Periods Without Damage. Great For Harsh Environments: No Heat Build Up Or Sparks Make Air Motors Ideal For Use In Flammable Or Explosive Applications Instantly Reversible: A Four-way Valve Allows Instant Motor Reversal (on Reversible Units) With The Turn Of A Valve. Cool Running: A Running Air Motor Expands Air, Allowing Motors To Operate In Temperatures Up To 150oF And Some Motors Up To 300oF With Special Grease, Lube And Seals. Compact And Portable: Get Maximum Horsepower In Minimum Size. Variable Speed: You May Utilize A Wide Range Of Speeds By Using A Simple Valve On Your Input Air Supply Line. Minimum Maintenance: Our Motors Have A Proven History Of Long, Low Maintenance Life. All You Need To Provide Is A Clean, Dry, Lubricated Air Supply.

Company Inforamtion
Ahnam Rinha
[ Trader - United Arab Emirates ]
 : P.O. Box: 16140, RAK
 : +971-7-2075552

 : Umme Rinha
 : 971 7 2075552
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