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Due to the high thermal conductivity of the cemented carbide, carbide roller has good heat dissipation, which shortens the time of the roll surface at high temperature, so the high temperature reaction time of the roll with the harmful impurities in the cooling water is short. Therefore, the cemented carbide roller is more resistant to corrosion, cold fatigue and hot fatigue than the tool steel roller.

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Due To The High Thermal Conductivity Of The Cemented Carbide, Carbide Roller Has Good Heat Dissipation, Which Shortens The Time Of The Roll Surface At High Temperature, So The High Temperature Reaction Time Of The Roll With The Harmful Impurities In The Cooling Water Is Short. Therefore, The Cemented Carbide Roller Is More Resistant To Corrosion, Cold Fatigue And Hot Fatigue Than The Tool Steel Roller.


According To The Structure, Cemented carbide Roller rings(tungsten Carbide Roller) Can Be Divided Into Solid Cemented Carbide Roll Rings And Combined Cemented Carbide Roll Rings. The Solid Cemented Carbide Roll Has Been Widely Used In The Frame Of Pre-finishing Rolling And Finishing Rolling (including The Sizing And Reducing Frame, Pinch Roll Frame) Of High-speed Wire Rod Mill. The Combined Cemented Carbide Roll Is Composed Of Cemented Carbide And Other Materials, There Are Combined Carbide Roll Rings And Combined Carbide Rolls. The Combined Cemented Carbide Roll Ring Is Installed On The Roll Shaft, While The Combined Cemented Carbide Roll Directly Casts The Cemented Carbide Roll Ring In The Roll Shaft To Form A Whole, Which Is Applied To The Rolling Mill With Large Rolling Load.


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