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Place of Origin : Suzhou,China

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We have commercial ceiling fans for sale!
HVLS fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. They now are found in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural spaces.

Traditional Industrial Fan
The traditional industrial ceiling fan is driven by an AC asynchronous motor which drives the reducer, thereby realizing the rotation of industrial large fans.

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We Have commercial Ceiling Fans For Sale!

HVLS Fans are Designed To Circulate The Air In Your Facility More Efficiently And Effectively. They Now Are Found In A Wide Variety Of Industrial, Commercial And Agricultural Spaces.


Traditional Industrial Fan

The Traditional Industrial Ceiling Fan Is Driven By An AC Asynchronous Motor Which Drives The Reducer, Thereby Realizing The Rotation Of Industrial Large Fans.



Jiangsu Gaxiao Environmental Technology Co., Ltd Has Newly Introduced Driving Motor Of The Permanent Magnet Industrial Fan, Which Is Developed By Jiangsu Gaxiao, Tsinghua University


Commercial Fan

The Commercial Ceiling Fan Is Based On Blushless DC Motor With Low Power, Developed By Jiangsu Gaxiao And Tsinghua University,Zhejiang University Electrical Engineering Professor(developed By Gaxiao).


Explosion-Proof Fan

It Is Used In Tall Space, Industrial Building, Need Explosion Proof, High Safety, Long-term Stable Use, No Power Supply, High Quality And High Price Which Is A New Concept big Air Industrial Fan.


Pole Fans

Super Silent, Coolling&ventilation With High Quality, Guaranteed Pole Fans, Outdoor Pole Fans .


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