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Cable Pulling Sock,Pulling Grips,Support Grip - Product

Place of Origin : Langfang,China

Product Description

Cable socks (also called cable grips ,cable stockings,pulling grips,support grips) provide a means of cable pulling into ducts, trenches .
Cable socks are manufactured from high tensile galvanised and stainless steel wire rope,incudes
includes single eye cable socks, double eye cable socks, lace up cable socks, non-conductive cable socks and open ended cable socks.
Single-head, single strand cable socks
1.cable pulling grip; mesh sock grip2.Rated Load:2 tons,3 tons3.Suitab

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Cable Socks (also Called Cable Grips ,cable Stockings,pulling Grips,support Grips) Provide A Means Of Cable Pulling Into Ducts, Trenches . Cable Socks Are Manufactured From High Tensile Galvanised And Stainless Steel Wire Rope,incudes Includes Single Eye Cable Socks, Double Eye Cable Socks, Lace Up Cable Socks, Non-conductive Cable Socks And Open Ended Cable Socks. Single-head, Single Strand Cable Socks Specifications 1.cable Pulling Grip; Mesh Sock Grip2.Rated Load:2 Tons,3 Tons3.Suitable Diameter:50-125mm Cable Pulling Grip; Cable Sock Grip; Cable Stocking;pulling Grips; Application:used For Cable Hauling In Power Line Construction; Parameter: No. Applicable Diameter Rated Load Length Scd-01 6-13mm 900 Kg 300 Mm Scd-02 12-19mm 1590 Kg 550 Mm Scd-03 19-25mm 2120 Kg 600 Mm Scd-04 25-38mm 2560 Kg 700 Mm Scd-05 7-12mm 300 Kg 315 Mm Scd-06 13-18mm 400 Kg 365 Mm Scd-07 18-24mm 600 Kg 365 Mm Scd-08 25-35mm 700 Kg 465 Mm Scd-09 35-48mm 1100 Kg 535 Mm Scd-010 49-60mm 2000 Kg 715 Mm Scd-011 60-75mm 2000 Kg 830 Mm Scd-012 75-90mm 2500 Kg 930 Mm Scd-013 90-115mm 2500 Kg 1045 Mm Scd-014 110-135mm 3000 Kg 1170 Mm Scd-015 130-150mm 3000 Kg 1295 Mm Single-head, Double Strand Cable Socks No. Applicable Diameter Rated Load Length Scs-01 10-20mm 1860 Kg 600 Mm Scs-02 20-30mm 2256 Kg 600 Mm Scs-03 30-40mm 3696 Kg 600 Mm Scs-04 40-50mm 5490 Kg 600 Mm Scs-05 50-65mm 5490 Kg 600 Mm Scs-06 65-80mm 7320 Kg 600 Mm Scs-07 80-95mm 7320 Kg 600 Mm Scs-08 95-110mm 10613 Kg 900 Mm Scs-09 12-16mm 800 Kg 1300 Mm Scs-010 16-20mm 1000 Kg 1300 Mm Scs-011 20-25mm 1200 Kg 1300 Mm Scs-012 25-37mm 2400 Kg 1400 Mm Scs-013 37-50mm 1600 Kg 1400 Mm Scs-014 50-60mm 1800 Kg 2000 Mm Scs-015 60-80mm 2000 Kg 2000 Mm Scs-016 80-100mm 2500 Kg 2000 Mm Scs-017 100-120mm 3000 Kg 2000 Mm

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