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Hydraulic cable drum trailer - Product



Place of Origin : Langfang,China
Delivery Time : 15
Product Capacity : Wodden Box
Payment Terms : T/T Or L/C

Product Description

Model No. Rated Load Applicable diameter Applicable width Shaft stem diameter size
BJTC102-3 3T ≤φ2400mm ≤1400mm φ80mm 3800mm×2300mm×2200mm
BJTC102-5 3T ≤φ2800mm ≤1600mm φ100mm 4000mm×3600mm×2500mm
BJTC102-8 8T ≤φ3400mm ≤1800mm φ120mm 4300mm×3200mm×2700mm
BJTC102-10 10T ≤φ3600mm ≤2000mm φ150mm 460mm×3800mm×2900mm

Basic Information

Brand : Bangjie
Model : BJTC102

Company Inforamtion
Bangjie Power Tools Factory
[ Exporter - China ]
 : houying village, Kangxianzhuang, Bazhou, Hebei, China
 : +86-0316-7399000

 : Zhang Lei
 : +86-0316-7399000
 : +86-137-85608538~
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