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Place of Origin : Shanghai,China
Delivery Terms : 3DAYS
Delivery Time : 5DAYS

Product Description

The cement vibrating screen has reasonable structure, unique and novel, and uses the vibration motor as the excitation source. The material is thrown and moved to achieve the purpose of screening treatment. The screen of the drum screen and the connecting rod reciprocating screen is removed, and the mesh is difficult to change. The shortcomings of this machine are widely used to screen out foreign materials of cement, lime and similar powdery materials to ensure the safe operation of conveying e

Basic Information

Model : YZO
Material : Iron

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 

The Cement Vibrating Screen Has Reasonable Structure, Unique And Novel, And Uses The Vibration Motor As The Excitation Source. The Material Is Thrown And Moved To Achieve The Purpose Of Screening Treatment. The Screen Of The Drum Screen And The Connecting Rod Reciprocating Screen Is Removed, And The Mesh Is Difficult To Change. The Shortcomings Of This Machine Are Widely Used To Screen Out Foreign Materials Of Cement, Lime And Similar Powdery Materials To Ensure The Safe Operation Of Conveying Equipment And Packaging Equipment. The Machine Has Advanced Structure, Small Size, Light Weight, High Efficiency And Low Noise. It Is Driven By A New Type Of Vibration Motor. The Screen Structure Is Simple, The Maintenance Is Convenient, And The Screen Mesh Is Made Of High-strength Metal Woven Mesh, Which Is Durable. The Machine Can Be Either Seated Or Suspended.


1. The Vibration Acceleration Does Not Exceed 20G (g: 9.8m/s Gravitational Acceleration).

2. The Ambient Temperature Does Not Exceed 40 °C (if The Temperature Exceeds 40C, The Power Should Be Reduced).

3. If The Altitude Is Less Than 1000 Meters, If It Exceeds 1000 Meters But Does Not Exceed 4000 Meters, The Temperature Rise Limit Should Be Reduced By 0.5 °C For Every 100 Meters.

4. Power Supply: Three-phase 380V, Frequency 50Hz.

5. Working Mode: SI (continuous)

6. The Temperature Rise Of The Stator Rao (resistance Method) Does Not Exceed 80K.

7. The Temperature Of The Bearing (thermometer Method) Should Not Exceed 95 °C.

8. The Operating Current Of The Main Engine Does Not Exceed The Data On The Motor Nameplate, Otherwise The Excitation Force Is Reduced.

9. The Environment Should Be Free From Conductive Dust, Flammable, Explosive And Corrosive Gases.

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