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Place of Origin : Wuhan,China

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Phenol Alkylation Technology

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Phenol Alkylation Technology

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Technology Introduction:

Alkyl Phenol is Produced By The Alkylation Of Phenol By Reacting With Olefin, Aliphatic Alcohol, Or Chloro-hydrocarbon. They Are Important Intermediates For Fine Chemical Synthesis, Widely Applied In The Manufacture Of Surface Active Agent, Anti-oxidation Agent, Paint And Coating. SL TEC Offers The Technology Of Phenol’s Alkylation Into O-cresol, And Cresol’s Alkylation Into 2-t-butyl-p-cresol, 6-t-butyl-m-cresol, 2,6-di-t-butyl-p-cresol, 2,3,6-trimethylphenol (2,3,6-TMP) and Etc.

Also SL TEC Supplies The Technology Of Producing M-cresol/p-cresol By The Isomerization Of O-cresol.

Technical Features:

He+reinafter 2,3,6-TMP Production Technology Will Be Introduced As An Example. 2,3,6-TMP Is Mainly Used In Pharmaceutical Industry To Synthesize Vitamin E; It Is The Monomer For The Production Of Thermoresitant PPE Engineering Plastic And The Feedstock For Plastic Alloy Production; Also 2,3,6-TMP Is The Necessary Intermediates For The Manufacture Of Some Pesticides, Disinfectants And Etc.

Compared To The Process Starting From Phenol And Methanol, SL Tec Offers The One-step Process Starting From M-cresol And Methanol Under Gas Phase Catalysis. The Catalyst Is Based On Fe2O3, With The Conversion Of M-cresol Reaching 98% And The Yield Reaching 98%.

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