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Hydrogen Peroxide Plant (Fluidized Bed Process) - Product

Place of Origin : Wuhan,China

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Hydrogen Peroxide Plant (Fluidized Bed Process)

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Hydrogen Peroxide Plant (Fluidized Bed Process)

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Technology Introduction:

There Are Several Methods For hydrogen Peroxide Production, Among Them The AO(auto-oxidation) Process Is The Most Prevailing One. In This Process, 2-alkyl Anthraquinone Is Mixed With Organic Solvent To Make Up The Working Solution, Which Is Hydrogenated In Presence Of Catalyst, And The Resulting Is Oxidized By Air (or Oxygen) In Counter-current Way Before Being Extracted, Regenrated, Purified And Enriched To Get Commercial Hydrogen Peroxideproduct. Depending Upon The Different Reactor Type In The Hydrogenation Unit, AO Process Is Further Divided Into Fixed Bed Reactor Process And Fluidized Bed Reactor Process. SL Tec Provides Both Processes.

The Fluidized Bed Reactor Process SL TEC Offers Uses Heavy Aromatics-TBU Binary Solvent In The Working Solution(WS) System, With The WS Capacity (H2O2-kg/m3-WS) Reaching 12g/L.

Technical Features:

The Fluidized Bed Reactor Process Has The Following Advantages:

1. It Enables Much Larger Production Capacity, I.e. Over 200,000TPA As Per 100% Hydrogen Peroxide For One Production Line.

2. The WS Capacity Is As High As 12g/L; 35-40% Hydrogen Peroxide Can Be Directly Collected From The Extraction Column; The Total Yield Reaches Up To 97%.

3. Both Material Consumption And Energy Consumption Are Reduced, Thereby The Production Cost Is Lower.

4. Due To The Absence Of Potassium Carbonate Drying Column And Relating Control Problems, The Process Flow Is Shorted, The Product Quality Is Better And More Favorable For The Production Of High Purity Hydrogen Peroxide, Like Food Grade And Electronic Grade.

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