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(PABS)Diethylaminopropyne formate(CAS:125678-52-6) - Product



Place of Origin : Wuhan,China
Product Capacity : 300ton/month
Payment Terms : TT

Product Description

Chemical Name: Diethylaminopropyne formate
Molecular formula: C7H13NcH2O2
Molecular weight: 157.2
CAS NO. 125678-52-6
1) Product Features:
DEP high purity is acidified with formic acid in low temperature, thus ensuring the high purity of PABS with strong leveling, and take place well, no blue.
2) Quality Standards: Q/LZ 09-2008
Appearance: yellowish transparent liquid
Solubility: well soluble in water
Dioptre: 53
Assay: min 70%
PH Value: 4-6
Density: 1.0

Basic Information

Brand : Lzchem

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Application Concentration In The Bath: 5-40mg/L Consumption: 3g/KAH Usage: Brightener In Low Area And Strong Leveling Agent For Plating Nickel. Characteristic: Product Is Acidified From DEP With Formic Acid, To Make The Coating Delicate Fullness

Company Inforamtion
Hubei Lingzhi Chemicals Science & Technology Industry Co., Ltd
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : 12 Floor, Incubation Building, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Wuhan, China
 : +86-27-87053896

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