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Single Twist Barbed Wire - Product

Place of Origin : Anping,China

Product Description

Barbed wire twist types have single twist barbed wire, double twist barbed wire and traditional barbed wire. Here is the single twist barbed wire information. Single twist barbed wire is a kind of security fences with sharp edges and high-tensile wire.

Wire Materials: Galvanized steel wire, low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, PVC coated iron wire in blue, green, yellow and other colors.

Single Twist Barbed Wire Specifications:
Barbed wire consist of line wire and barbed wire. Ge

Basic Information

Brand : Winner
Material : Galvanized Steel Wire, PVC Coated Iron Wire In Blue, Green, Yellow And Other Colors

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Barbed Wire Twist Types Have Single Twist Barbed Wire, Double Twist Barbed Wire And Traditional Barbed Wire. Here Is The Single Twist Barbed Wire Information. Single Twist Barbed Wire Is A Kind Of Security Fences With Sharp Edges And High-tensile Wire. Wire Materials: Galvanized Steel Wire, Low Carbon Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, PVC Coated Iron Wire In Blue, Green, Yellow And Other Colors. Single Twist Barbed Wire Specifications: Barbed Wire Consist Of Line Wire And Barbed Wire. Generally, Line Wire Gauge Is Larger Than Barbed Wire. Below Data, The Former Is Line Wire, The Latter Is Barbed Wire Gauge. Wire Gauge: 180#×180#, 200#×200#, 220#×200#, 220#×220#, 250#×220#, 260#×220#, 270#×220#, 280#×220#, 300#×200#, 200#×200#. Barbs Spacing: 1.96"--5.90". Barbed Distance: 3-6inch. Barbed Wire Applications: Single Twist Barbed Wire Has Been Widely Used In Military Field, Prisons, Detention Houses, Government Buildings And Other National Security Facilities. Recently Years, Barbed Tape Has Apparently Become The Most Popular High-class Fencing Wire For Not Only Military And National Security Applications, But Also For Cottage And Society Fence, And Other Private Building.

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