Kast Engineering Company Ltd. - Gumi, Korea



We are the manufacturer of Surge Tester, Hipot (Puncture) Tester, Impulse Simulation Tester, Insulation Tester, ESD Tester, Resistance Tester,
Motor Test System, Stator Test System, Rotor (Armature Tester) Test System, Transformer Test System
High Voltage Reed Relay (Patent), Testers for Car Electric Devices.
(1)Lightning Impulse Simulation Testers: (According to IEC Standards)
IEC 62305- 4: Direct Lightning Strike Simulation Tester
IEC 61000- 4- 5: For the AC Power lines against lightning strike
IEC 60950: For the Communication Lines
IEC 60065: For the Antenna System and Video, Audio System
(2)ESD Tester: (Electro Static Discharge Tester)
IEC 61000-4-2: Contact Discharge, Air Discharge
(3) Testers for coil winding Products.
Surge Tester
Hipot Tester
Resistance Tester
Insulation Tester
Armature Test System
Stator Test System
Motor Test System
Motor Performance Tester
(4)Tester for Car Electrical Devices:
Alternator Tester
Starter Tester
Magnet Switch (Solenoid, Break, Clutch Coil) Tester
Latch Motor (Tail Gate, Fuel Opener, Door Actuator Motor) Tester
Window, Wiper, Fan, ABS Motor Tester
Power Control Motor Tester
(5) High Voltage Reed Relay (Patent), Testers for Car Electric Devices


1987.11 Established
2001.05 Patents for Surge Tester
2002.01 Designated as National Calibration Institute (ISO/IEC 17025)
2002.11 Awards (Test Equipments Parts, High Accuracy Equipments Parts)
2003.07 Designated as Superior Exporting Firm
2003.09 Designated as INNO-BIZ Company
2006.03 Certificate of NEP (New Excellent Product)
2006.11 CE Certificate for Digital Surge Tester

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