Annual turnover: The revenue in 2010 is expected to reach RMB150 million.
Our company has a fixed assets of RMB65 million. It covers the total area of 21000 square meters, in which 73000 square meters are construction area with a staff of 570 employees.
IV . technological innovation
Our company has accumulated abundant experience through our hard work in seat accessories producing industry, which we value most
The product we independently developed are: seat slide rail and recliner for Iveco driver’s car, which has got the patent; seat slide track for Citroen car admitted by Citroen in France; height riser for Ouman heavy lorry; seat slide track for Hainan Mazda & Jiang huai Refine estate car seat slide & recliner for Engle; seat frame for MITSUBISHI motors; seat slide rails, recliners for Jianghuai Ruifeng
As to our researchers, we now have 18 technicians, 10 undergraduates, 4 Secondary & Senior engineer and 4 mould developers

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